Help Our Cause-Disaster Relief

Many loved ones have suffered unthinkable pain and loss because of Hurricanes, Wild Fires, and Floods in the Southeast. While volunteering to rebuild and feed the masses is great, the need for improved health, healing, and sanitary products is STILL overwhelming! 

DC3 wants to help fill the need with natural and organic health products that will foster recovery emotionally, physically and socially.  We want to purchase and deliver  vital immunity support to begin to heal the effected lungs, blood, and other body systems effected in this disaster.  This includes the much needed emotional support products because of trauma.

We'd like to supply organic negative ion sanitary products, and natural treatments for stress, anxiety, depression and more. Let's not just clothe the hurting. Let's also be a helping hand to heal the heart.

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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Our office reserves the right to amend any and all products and services as needed. We aim to address the needs of each client on an individual basis so that you can experience your best balanced life.

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